Andre Ramone

This fresh submission came in and the beats hit us like a slap in the face. Great production. Andre likes to be diverse in his genres but we hope he makes plenty more lofi beats.

From his skilled production of Hip Hop, Pop and Electronic music to his ability to lyrically paint murals and accurately assess the world around him through earnest, thought-provoking lyrics as a songwriter; Andre Ramone is a creative with a unique musical perspective. Andre has passionately pursued opportunities to share his music with the world as a published music producer and composer signed to multiple music publishing companies. Through these affiliations, Andre has placed music in television shows such as, “Silicon Valley,” “Bizare Foods,” and MTV’s “Made.” Currently, Andre is working on his EDM debut and released the EDM Trap single, “Summer Wave.” Andre’s goal is to achieve success on his own terms while creating diverse styles of art that defy musical laws and cultural boundaries.


Twitter: @ ARamoneMusic
FB: AndreRamoneMusic
Insta: AndreRamoneMusic