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It is crazy times we are living in but follow the chillsky mantra of stay home, stay safe and stay chilled. This is tape4 featuring

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When I think about lofi hiphop , chillhop , jazzhop , chilled beats whatever the genre name is at the moment I always refer people

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Lumio hit us up and we felt the need to share their beats. There is no soundcloud with these beat makers but they are on

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lofi lemur

I am a young dad, who discovered his love for lo-fi music during the sleepless nights in the first year of my son’s life. Now

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YellaJam is an experienced multi-genre producer hailing from London in the UK who is currently crafting tracks in the styles of hip-hop, lo-fi and house.

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Every once in a while while browsing instagram I come across someone who is livestreaming. Often than not its some goofy ass or some repetitive


Tape 3

It has been too long. Tape 3 featuring a flurry of tuneage from our lofi archives. get in touch via instagram @chillsky

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D. J. Ayur

J. Ayur is a producer originally hailing from Bronx, New York, and he’s one who takes pride of being a native in the birthplace of


Alec Hershey

Alec Hershey hit us up on our submission page and we felt the need to post. My name is Alec Hershey, and I produce a