Bluefunkbeat from Seattle, WA, hit our inbox and his lofi beats hit us in the face like a wet kipper.

As an added bonus check out his soundcloud for some vaporware tunage..

Bluefunkbeat : “Older influences would defiantly go to greats like Kanye, Pharrell, and Madlib. More recently I find I draw a lot of influence in not only my music but the way I see life from Frank Ocean, Knxwledge, Jinsang, BROCKHAMPTON, and much of the beat scene currently coming out of LA.”

Currently, some of my favourite songs that come to mind and that I’ve been playing heavily are
Famous – Curen$y
Sunny – Brockhampton
First Glance – B0nds
LakFaith – Knxwledge
Pothole – Tyler, the Creator
Landscaping – Milo