Chillsky 54 VIP Edition – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

Recorded, and uploaded from China! OVer 1 hour of delectable chill with a positive chinese influence.

Marcus Fischer

“Cold Days” (mp3)
from “Collected Dust”


 “Ritual Awakening” (mp3)
from “Ritual Awakening”
(SKEAN DHU Recordings)

New Risen Throne

“Sigh of the Soul” (mp3)
from “Crossing the Withered Regions”
(Cold Meat Industry)

Sine Qua Non

“Blizzard” (mp3)
from “Le Silence N’ Existe Pas”
(SKEAN DHU Recordings)

A Forest Called Mulu

“Mellow Trance Remix of Rain Dreamers” (mp3)
from “A Search for the Unexplored”
(Keytone Records)

Chris Hinze

“Eihei-Ji” (mp3)
from “ZEN & The Art of Dance and Meditation”
(Keytone Records)

Lui Tsun-Yuen

“Moonlight Over the Spring River” (mp3)
from “Chinese Classical Masterpieces for the Pipa and Chin”
(Lyrichord Archive Series)

The Shanghai Restoration Project & Bai Hong

“Farewell Shasha” (mp3)
from “Remixed and Restored: Vol. 1”
(China Records)

Li Chen

“Longing In The Grand Grassland” (mp3)
from “Working Out Of The Western Pass”