Chillsky 57 VIP Edition – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

Lots going on, it’s the summer and outdoors life seems to have been calling lately.

I recently bought a motorhome and in less than an hour of ownership the engine blew resulting in the need for a full engine rebuild! Ouch!

Still life goes on and this episode is published mid Olympics, so goo luck to your country.

The mix features some great triphop tunes with some great ambient and a little experimental almost dark ambient tracks.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.


 “Yaqiin” (mp3)
from “34 Days”

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Holy Table

 “Descent Into Darkness Pt. 1” (mp3)
from “Descent Into Darkness”
(Slow Records)

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 “In Solitary Confinement” (mp3)
from “There is a Fountain Filled With Blood”
(ConSouling Sounds)

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 “Osteichytes” (mp3)
from “Fishy”

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 “Rusty Water” (mp3)
from “Shuffle”

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Death Cube K

 “Path of the Dead” (mp3)
from “Torn from Black Space”

Mystical Sun

 “Dark Energy” (mp3)
from “Energy Mind Consciousness”
(Cyberset Music)

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Okulus Anomali

 “Seduktion of the Syrenz” (mp3)
from “Katharsis”
(Sweet Rains Records)


 “The Strangest Girl On Planet Earth” (mp3)
from “Transmit”
(Kinky Star Records)


 “Sensual” (mp3)
from “Afterdark – Lisbon”
(DawgRecords Ltd)

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The Franco Proietti Morph-Tet

“Lucky 13” (mp3)
from “Morphology”
(Bongo Beat Records)

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Dolce Stil Nuovo

“12 Times” (mp3)
from “Infrastructure”
(Audio 8 Recordings)

“From Around The Way” (mp3)
from “TMC The Magic City”
(Peace Productions)


“Here With You” (mp3)
from “Cinema”
(My Sonic Temple)