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Chillsky #7 – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

It’s short and sweet and its ready to melt those ice cubes its the chillsky #7

It Is OnDavidovitch
“It Is On (feat. Yvan)” (mp3)
from “It Is On”
(Acid Milk Recordings)

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London Academy of Trance Check him out on myspace

Robert Fripp… Unplugged!Robert Fripp
“When Robert Met Jimi Hendrix” (mp3)
from “Robert Fripp… Unplugged!”
(Musical Concepts Inc.)

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Cardboard RocketshipsUlrich Schnauss
“Shine” (mp3)
from “Cardboard Rocketships”
(Boltfish Recordings)

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