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Abstract Workshop Collective presents: Jud NesterJud Nester
“Stop Right There” (mp3)
from “Abstract Workshop Collective presents: Jud Nester”
(Abstract Workshop Music)

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Disco Galaxy (Maxi)Mantra Porno
“Green Legion” (mp3)
from “Disco Galaxy (Maxi)”
(Self Released)

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The Complete Collection 2002-2006Phreakon
“The R7 At 4:30 a.m.” (mp3)
from “The Complete Collection 2002-2006”
(Electronic Eel Records)

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“Pyramids” (mp3)
from “Origins”
(Esprit Records)

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Aaron Oliver Lee

Aaron Oliver Lee is a 24 year old self-taught pianist and solo musician. Music has always been an intricate part of his life playing a large role in his personal and professional development. He always has that vision and aspirations of becoming a world renowned musician. In 2006 Aaron began his first project which he called “Sweet Dreams…” On this amazing compilation of songs (and there are twenty of them) there are a few that are being highlighted, playing an important role in distinguishing the artist as an evolving musician and an evolving human being. These twenty songs were based on a very difficult time in his life. Aaron’s self analogy is quite revealing stating that he “is just an insignificant person trying to make a significant impact on the world”.

Certain songs that were chosen mark certain times in Aaron’s life that have had an impact in his life – perhaps even life changing. He reveals these moments in songs like “A Journey To…(A Prelude to Neverland) or “Neverland” and “My Secret Heart”. “Neverland” plays the larger part in the compilation of songs as it was the first track to be written for this CD. It has gone through many changes and has significant meaning to the entire project and to Aaron himself.

“Sweet Dreams….” literally and metaphorically speaking, is geared towards dreams each containing traces of both hope and fear, light and darkness in every day life. This CD is more of an interactive CD allowing the listener to interject self interpretation and analysis as it might relate to their own lives. “The title of this CD is heavily based on J.M. Barrie’s tale of Peter Pan as it relates to non-fiction lives”, states Aaron. As stated by the artist, “Neverland” is the most poignant and impactful in his library of songs. Listening to it you are instantly transformed and transported to an emotional roller coaster – a world of calm and the fury. Aaron Oliver Lee’s piano playing is magnificent, breath-taking and awe inspiring. This instrumental piece truly allows your own emotion and life experience to overlay this glorious music as his own life did. Precious compositions that you want to cherish and hold dear to your heart. His music is beautifully written, arranged, recorded and delivered.

Although this is his debut CD, he has a lifetime of emotional and thought provoking compositions erupting into a fantasia of sound. Audiences from all over the world will be eagerly waiting for the release of his follow up CD “Out Of Time” which has no release date at this time.

Aaron Oliver Lee is currently working on a Winter themed EP titled “The Last Snow”.

The first song on “Sweet Dreams…” was licensed for an automobile commercial in France and throughout Europe for Renault Z.E. in their new ad campaign for 100% electric cars with 0% emissions. This commercial is available on their website as well as YouTube, etc. and is called “Renault-The Electric Life”. The commercial will be making its way through Europe over the next year and hopefully Renault will pick the commercial back up for another 2 years in which it will air in even more countries. Bravo Aaron Oliver Lee for outstanding work and accomplishments you’ve received and this is just the beginning.

Aaron is hoping to put a tour together for this coming summer or fall of 2012.

“I am very grateful for everything that has been happening to me and my career this year. It gives me hope that truly in darkness there can be some light. I can only hope that people will enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing it and that I can change lives someday”.

You’ve changed mine already.

You can listen to and/or purchase any of Aaron’s music by logging onto the following websites along with most digital storefronts: (Search: Aaron Oliver Lee)

Coburn Tuller


It began on a midnight walk in 1996 with the sound of wind chimes wafting through the breeze on a midnight walk. I’ve played many instruments over the years from guitar and dulcimer to grand piano, but none sounded anything like the music of that fateful stroll, and I was immediately captivated. The next day I bought a piece of aluminum tubing and delighted when it resonated a perfect Bb for over a minute when struck with a mallet. For me, the discovery was a point of no return. In the 15 years since that afternoon my passion, vision, and biggest challenge has been the perfection of an entirely new instrument inspired by that beautiful, pure resonance, which I call “The Tones”. Standing over 8 feet tall, The Tones consist of three pyramidal structures supporting 90 aluminum and brass tubes ranging from 7 inches to over 6 feet in length. When played, they have a natural reverberation and enduring sustain audible up to 2 minutes after initial playing, creating gorgeous overlays of harmonic, multi-timbral sound behind foreground melodies. Uniquely, here’s an instrument which continues making music long after a formal composition has ended. This is many listener’s favorite part and is showcased in the long fade outs.
The music itself emerges in various ways. At times, I can hear the melodies within these overlays. At others, it is the chance combination of tones played while fine tuning a particular note as in Firefly, or simply playing with the sound itself as in New Peace. Mystic Dream began with a suggestion to play the same note two octaves apart and Ceremony emerged while adding a series of Bb tones to the set. One of my very favorites is waking up in the middle of the night with melodies running through my head which initiates a mad dash to the studio. Many have said the music of the Tones is as unique and beautiful as the instrument itself. Others claim the vibrant spirit has an ability to dissolve the limitations of our perceptions and deliver us into a place of peace and tranquility. Makes me wonder, if butterflies could sing, perhaps it would sound something like this. Namaste

Felice Del Gaudio

In the album “Home” Felice Del Gaudio moves between the genres,contaminating the jazz with the “newyorker” minimalism,ì in the song “Uptown”,using ethnic instruments like the afghan “Rabab” and epic syntethizers like the Yamaha VL 1 (virtual sound synthesis) in the song “Desert”,and introducing little musical pearls like “Song for Pedro” and “Asylum”

Felice Del Gaudio

Scorched Transmissions

Scorched Transmissions is a rap and electronic music trio+ from Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon: Future Metz, Avitar Virgonian & JD Casten. Future Metz has been spittin’ lyrics up and down the West Coast for such innovative bands as Future Sunz, Eleven Eyes, & Xenat-Ra; Avitar Virgonian comes from an extensive mix-tape background, and created the psych-hop sounds of Audial Assassins Oscillate; while JD Casten has published computer programs since he was a sophomore in high school, and scored radio play at dozens of radio stations from BBC6 to WNYU with his The Rhythm Messiahs and Tie-dye Laces electronic trip-hop and shoegaze music projects. This trio is also joined on several tracks by turntablist and fellow assassin, The Turntable Enabler.
Scorched Transmissions

Made of Wood

Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA
Description: Funky downtempo instrumental music that lies somewhere between trip-hop and acid jazz, with a lot of lounge influences. Rich in texture and groove.
Biography:Made of Wood is the solo project of composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Waldman. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Air, Funkadelic and The Cinematic Orchestra, Dan characterizes his music as in between downtempo electronic music and acid jazz, with a lot of 70s Funk and modern Jazz influences. The music is created using a combination of improvisation and electronic elements- many of which come from sampling and alterations of his own performances.Dan Waldman is an accomplished, conservatory-trained pianist and multi- instrumentalist. He has performed both solo and with bands in the Boston, Albuquerque and Baltimore/Washington areas.
“The Chill Funk Trip,” the highly anticipated album by Made Of Wood, is now available via CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

“The Chill Funk Trip” is an eclectic and atmospheric album. It features songs like “Fire Up the Sidewalk,” a homage to 70s funk with a tip of the hat to David Holmes, and “Are We Lost?” a chill-out number with swirling strings and Wurlitzers that led to Made of Wood being a “Top 10 Independent Artist” in late 2011 on

“The thing that inspires me to make music is to create a new place, usually encapsulated by a feeling, where I can take the listener”, says Dan Waldman, the composer behind the Made of Wood project.

“I think I’m pretty visual, so a lot of my music evokes images in my mind, sometimes abstract. Some of the things I’m doing right now are mainly supposed to be fun, (songs like “Electric Funk Break for Addy,” and “Fire Up the Sidewalk),” but others are pretty intricately created: songs like “Lantern of Embudo,” “Are We Lost?” and “A Sleep and A Forgetting.” I’m hoping those songs reward people who listen to them more than once.”

Magnet Magazine exclusively reviewed Made of Wood’s last album and shared:

“Made of Wood” instrumentalist Dan Waldman takes it all the way. If you like lounge, you will like this. If you love the instrumental sampling technique, say, similar to Moby…you will like this. But here’s the secret weapon…if you think that the music heard in far out 70’s cop shows is unearthed dirty deep funky goodness, pick up your shovel and dig Made of Wood.”

For more information on Made of Wood, visit:

About Made of Wood:

Made of Wood is the solo project of composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Waldman. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Air, Funkadelic and The Cinematic Orchestra, Dan characterizes his music as somewhere between downtempo electronic music and acid jazz, with a lot of 70s Funk influence.

The music is created using a combination of improvisation and electronic elements- many of which come from sampling and alterations of his own performances. Dan Waldman, an accomplished pianist, is a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music. He has performed both solo and with bands in the Boston, Albuquerque and Baltimore/Washington areas.


“The music of producer/songwriter Bruno Miguel mixes the electronic and the organic in a way that’s intimate and intricate. There’s a poetry to it that speaks of complex natural processes” – MTV Iggy

“Beautiful sounds” – BBC Introducing

“Otherworldly pop… destined for inclusion on the soundtrack to a very cool movie about five years from now” – AOL Radio

“Cruel beauty” – Impose Magazine

“Dark, near-industrial dance groove and singing that oscillates between angelic whispers and vocal manipulations” – Refinery29

“Approved: Glacial cool…” CMU Music Network

“Shoegazing, electronic pop dream taken to a whole new level” – No Fear Of Pop

:PAPERCUTZ is an electronic pop music act lead by Porto’s Bruno Miguel which grew into a duo with New Yorker Melissa Veras.