chillsky#89 – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

bonjour and welcome to chillsky episode 89.

some great tunes this episode with a few dub tracks and a couple of track submissions.

We Become Ravens is Ruxpin​’s 8th studio album and a continuation of his 2013s critically heralded album This Time We Go Together. The story follows a duo of wanderers finding each other and traveling through life – hand in hand without roots. A ‘love conquers all’ theme, which has been a highly embraced motif in his more recent works.
Ruxpin is Icelandic electronic musician Jonas Thor Gudmundsson. He started producing music at the age of 14 and had his first Mission EP released on Thule Record’s more chillout imprint
Uni:Form Recordings in 1999. He has been considered an integral part of the Icelandic electronic music scene ever since. Gudmundsson’s first release on n5MD was 2009s Where Do
We Float From Here? Click here to read more about Ruxpin on n5MD’s website

“Dancing drama” is 50 minutes of nostalgic travel with a nod towards legends of electronic music. Personal lyrics, arrangements full of samples, eclectic rhythms and emotions create trip-pop-ish musical puzzle. Repetitions and techno-motillity here meet the melodic, song forms.

The album is available on CD (limited edition) and online through our website: and via streaming platforms such as Spotify, Dezeer, Apple Music etc.

Hope you will like it. Also, It would be great to receive some feedback from you.


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