When I think about lofi hiphop , chillhop , jazzhop , chilled beats whatever the genre name is at the moment I always refer people to Chinsaku. This guys music is so chill it encompasses everything that Chillsky strives to be.

You can check him often doing a live hangout on instagram , just playing beats on his equipment , answering questions in between cigarette breaks.

Chinsaku is from LA, USA triangle music channel on youtube with his beats hitting over 2 million views there.

Support him buy listening to his music either on spotify or soundcloud or check his insta he’s bound to be making beats live.

The guy promises a sample pack , that if it ever came to fruition it would change the lofi scene forever as his cuts are so smooth they would melt even Donald Trumps heart.

Soundcloud: Facebook: Bandcamp: Twitter: Instagram :

A quote to live by :


J Dilla Changed My Life, Nujabes Opened My Ears.