Congratulations Leo! – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

Now, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that this weekend is the Oscars; and before I go any further, I’d like to congratulate Leonado DiCaprio on his Best Actor award. I’m not saying that the Oscars are predictable, okay, yes I am! But, if you want to avoid watching Hollywood’s great and good patting themselves on their backs, then there is more than one reason to boycott the ceremony. The second of which is to listen to some sublime chillout tracks. So, this week I give you three Oscar themed podcast recommendations.

The first is for the best performance in a supporting role, and this goes to Chillsky’s cat on episode #61. The second is for best prop and goes to the broken mic on Chillsky #64. Finally, the third is for the best adaptation of a 70’s television game show and goes to ‘The Price is Right’ on Chillsky #75. All three are right out of Chillsky’s top drawer. Enjoy!

Now, one more recommendation, from Kousk on Soundcloud.

Thank you for reading.

“It’s been emotional”