Exclusive interview with lofi artist eveline aka eevee.
Please can you say a little bit about yourself, eg age, location etc.

I live in the Netherlands in a town called Dordrecht. I’m 24 years old. In my free time I like to make beats, hang with friends, travelling and sometimes go to the gym.

What drew you to making music that eventually led you to making your beats?

First I wanted to learn how to dj. I did that for 3 months and I bought a new laptop and there was a music program on it. Very basic with loops I started with that and I like it. My ex boyfriend was a producer and he put fl studio on my pc and I start working with that. He learned me how fl studio kind of worked. I practice every day, I liked it so much it stopped learning to dj and just focus on my music. And thats how it all began. Now 4 years later I’m here 🙂

Why do you enjoy about the beatmaking process?

I like that it give me peace it brings me to a other world. I can’t explain it really it just feels fine. I really like to work with samples and make something new with it.

You have a nice following on soundcloud etc at what point did you realise you had a talent that people seemed to enjoy?

I just like to make beats and upload them. It’s nice to see that people enjoy it. Idk if I feel like I have talent, I work hard for it but for me it stills feel I can learn much about music productions. The feedback I get from my fans draw me to continue this and try to grown.

Can you remember your first live show and how did it go?

Yes, It was in the Netherlands in a town the Hague. It was a fashion event, the released a new clothing line. I was so nervous but it went good, and I had a lovely evening.

Any tips for budding SP404 users?

I had a lot on the manual of the sp 404 haha. So I think if you start it’s good to read it. And just try to explore it and find your sound. It’s a really nice machine.

Who are your music influences?

J Dilla, Nujabes, Clams Casino, Crystal Castles, and a lot of soundcloud producers.

Whats a perfect weekend for you ?

Take a long nap, wake up make some beats, later they day chill with friends, maybe go to a party and get drunk 🙂

Whats your latest music available and where can people get it?

My ep called seeds, you can buy the digital ep on bandcamp:

And the digital ep + cassete on Inner Ocean Records:


You can check eevee on her social links below.