Five Deez

Five Deez is an American hip-hop group based in Cincinnati, Ohio and a part of the Wanna Battle collective, which also includes DJ Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli, Rubix, and Lone Catalysts. Consisting of Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician (John Marshall), Pase Rock, Kyle David (a.k.a. Chilly Most), and Sonic, the group released their debut album, Koolmotor, in 2001 on the Counterflow/Grooveattack/Dimid record labels to positive reviews. In 2002, they released a Japan-only EP, Slow Children Playing on their current-to-date label, !K7; in 2003, they released their second successive LP, Kinkynasti, also to positive reviews.

Most recently, on February 26, 2006, Five Deez released Kommunicator.

Five Deez have also worked extensively with members of the Japanese hip-hop scene, as it has also gained a strong fanbase in the country. It has especially collaborated with Nujabes, Shing02, and Force of Nature; Fat Jon worked with all three in the production of the Samurai Champloo Soundtrack, which has earned for Fat Jon and Five Deez a new fanbase within the international anime fandom. Instrumentals from Koolmotor and Kinkynasti have been used for Adult Swim’s famous “bumps” between commercials.

The name “Five Deez” is a simplification of the term “fifth dimension”, which is the dimension where you experience music.