Fresh blood V10

Fresh Blood Volume 10 featuring some great tracks by the freshest talent music producers.

All artists submitted tracks and these are the ones that passed the chillsky filter. Some are featured some didnt respond some just wanted to promote a single track. Enjoy.

Glypht ‘Just a bouncing mess of waves from New Zealand currently making my way through Malaysia.

stuntin. – idk i rlly like to make music

Nick Lewis fIsh[n]grIts is the first installment in Nick Lewis’s #FreeMusicFriday series, leading up to the release of his debut project, THIS IS NOT A BEAT TAPE, releasing in the fall.

xmas party – ‘xmas party’ is a semi-anonymous group comprised of one or more producers and musicians located in various parts of the globe. The brainchild of it’s lead member (who wishes to remain nameless), xmas party utilizes a sleek aesthetic consisting of marble, gold, and other luxurious images.

Chimu a 16year old artist figuring shit out.


Nathaniel Music.

Tim.  Just finished this track called “caress you”.