My name is Gabriel Bero aka GentleBeatz, I am 21 years old from Mozambique currently located in South Africa studying Computer Science at Pearson Institute.

I started producing back in 2011 while in high school, I use to make beats just as hobby until when I started college, my friends always wondered why was I studying computer science and asked me if I ever considered doing music full time. I can play the piano a little bit.

I am introvert, I spend most of my time making beats in my bedroom or just listen to chilled music. I recently released an ep of piano-based lo-fi music called Beatherapy, vol. 1, it is avaliable in all streaming services and music stores.

My influences coming up are: nina simone,2pac, kendrick lamar, dr dre, dj premier,kanye west, apollo brown, azagaia, bob marley, idealism,jhfly, eevee, sophie meiers.

Favourite song: idealism – ikigai, jhfly – lavender town, sophie miers – lazy eyes.

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