The premise of this page is to show you how I set up this podcast and how you too can also get involved in podcasting.

Podcasting is simply a term used to define a radio show that is available as a downloadable file and made greater available via a RSS feed.

A rss feed is a little bit of webcode that allows other websites and programs to load your content for easy viewing.

Ok so thats what a podcast is.. how do we go about creating one.

My method below requires money ( only a little) and also assumes you have a topic in mind for your show(s).

There are free alternatives and websites that will set you up for free but they are very limiting and the initial outlay isn’t that great so if things don’t work out you have not lost a great quantity of your hard earned cash.

1. Name your podcast. – Be original be to the point.

2. Register your podcast as a domain name. eg. ABC Podder podcast could be

You simply want to register the domain name ( dont worry about the web hosting ) I use but many people use or etc. It’s not important what company you use just dont pay more than say $20 for your domain over 2 years. You have to pay a yearly fee to keep your domain name around $10 or so.

Ok we we have the name of the podcast and we have it registered as a domain name!

3. Get some web space – This is so that when people type in your domain name they can view your web pages , as well as a place to store your podcast (mp3 audio file ) for download.

There are TONS of web hosting providers you don’t need bells and whistles and a common popular host that I have used is hostgator. go for their cheapest webspace currently its called the hatchling plan and is around $5 a month.

I recommend havings your domain name registered with a different company as then you can always change your webspace hosting should you find a better or more suitable host without the hassle of also having to migrate your domain name.

Ok so we have a domain name and we bought some webspace.

Right we better make the domain name point to the webspace!

When you register the webspace you will get a welcome email and within that email will be probably either an IP address for your webspace and/or 2 nameservers like

The easiest way is to use the IP address given for your webspace and add this to your domain name.

Ok so log into your domain name control panel and you want to edit the DNS for your domain name, in particular the A records.

delete anything that is already there and then in the first box put nothing! and in the second put in your IP address given by your webspace provider.


Now create another A record and in the first box put www and in the second put in the IP address.

Save and exit.

Right you have now told the domain name to goto the IP address ie to your webspace.

Ok so lets log into the temporary URL given by your web provider and add your domain name, only do this is you didn’t register the domain name with the provider.

Simply goto ADD ON Domains and enter in your domain name. This will tell your web space(server) that it can expect the domain name to be used!

Ok job done. Typically the internet records take 24hours to update with information so your webspace may not display when you put in your new domain name for a little while.

Well done you have now setup your own webspace!

OK but this isn’t about webspace its about podcasting!

Log into your webserver and find the QuickInstall button , this is a tool provided by many web hosts to auto install web software without all the technical hassle.

We are going to install ‘WordPress’

WordPress is a well established FREE website platform for all types of sites including podcasting sites!

Ok if all things went dandy you have installed wordpress and typing in your domain name will bring up the basic default install of wordpress.

Whoot! you’re almost a web guru!

Ok so now we have wordpress installed we need to install the podcasting bit.

Log into wordpress with the details you setup and now click plugins.

Click add new

IN the search box type in ‘PowerPress’ This will bring up the PowerPress plugin .

Click install and once installed activate.

This is the free plugin that enables the right type of rss feed that wordpress would create but special for things like itunes etc, plus it has a great web audio player which we will take advantage of.

Ok so now we have wordpress installed and powerpress plugin.

Right we better create a podcast!

First things first we need a MIC. imply goto amazon search USB mic’s and choose the best rated mic based on your budget. $20 mic will work and a $120 mic will work. You can always buy a more expensive mic as you get more established.

Now your computer will probably have some type of audio software , you can buy some but there are also free audio software like Audacity. TRy things out and use whats best for you.

Once you have recorded your show you need to save it as an mp3 file.

I’m assuming your show is ok, dont worry about pointless babbling and pauses between things as you will get better over time and those things might actually be fun to listen too.

OK so we have a show recorded lets publish !

Create a new post within wordpress. Type in the things you want to say make it shortish say no mroe than 400 words. This is a podcast not a blog! but hey break the rules its your website.

Create a post Category just for your podcasts eg call it ‘podcast’

Now at the bottom of the post you will be able to add in your mp3 show.

You can also upload it by click on the Media menu within WordPress.

Once you have done that click save and publish then click on view post at the top to view your post.

If all has gone to plan you have a blog post with an audio attachment which you can click and play.

Ok podcast sorted but lets get people to know about your podcast.

Tunes is the daddy for podcasts so please take the time out and follow their step by set on how to submit your podcast to itunes here.

Your feed should be along the lines

Job done.

This is a very brief guide and one done from memory so Im sure I may have skimmed over parts of the process that maybe bewildering to some.

The important thing is to have a go, worst case you have a new website for a few months!