Preferring the role of Hip-Hop insider than hyped recording artist, DJ/Producer K-Def has kept a low profile in the game for a number of years. Earning critical praise for his early production work with Marley Marl on the classic album “Here Comes The Lords” by the group Lords Of The Underground. K-Def has steadily produced stellar Hip-Hop music for the world to bump their heads too.

With this opportunity K-Def carved out a defying discography. He has lent his production talents to artist such Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum), A.D.O.R., Da Youngstas, Real Live, World Renown, Positive K, and The Artifacts to name a few.

Mid-Ninties, having paid his dues, K-Def & Larry-O formed Real Live. They released an album aptly titled, The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama. His cousin Larry-O handled all the vocal production, and the duos complementary styles; were applauded by rap fans and critics. They created the underground smash ‘Real Live Shit”. K-Def has a blues/soul sampling style, which of late has come back in vogue, with current Hip-Hop artists.

A style he and other 1990’s Hip-Hop producers help solidify. Before his work had matured beyond 2000, his catalog had been sampled three times. The first time by Easy Mo Bee for “Machine Gun Funk” for The Notorious B.I.G., then by “Wildchild” for the club anthem “Renegade Master”, followed by a track called “Got Me Open” which was featured on Dr. Dre’s first release ..math Entertainment.

2004 K-Def kept his name relevant by producing the standout track, “Its Over” on the Ghostface Killah release, “The Pretty Toney Album” (Def Jam). He has kept the ball rolling by contributing tracks on other Ghostface project “Theodore Unit 718” and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “The Osirus Mixtape”.

He was a contributor to El Da Sensei’s ’06 baby, “The Unusual”. In 2006, K-Def decided to work on an instrumental album called Willie Boo Boo”The Fool”, a tour-de-force in hip-hop production, he hopes it pleases his fans, who sit by the radio hoping that one of his tracks leak out. This is a first for K-Def, no rappers just the beats.

Keeping one ear to the underground, K-Def has always kept a hand in the mainstream. Def doesn’t strive for commercial success, but purity of form – a crazy ideology in today’s world, which pop culture; is Hip-Hop driven. Diddy cut the check for the ever popular “Shaft In Africa” sampled,”We Gon Make It,” in 2005. UGK then roped in ’80s Juice Crew legends, to help with the sticky sourthern funk of “Next Up”. A stand out track, which was featured on his instrumental opus “The Fool”.

Using virtual instruments since 1996, too craft his tracks. Def unleashed a scolding remix of Jay-Z’s “American Gangster.” Calling his “Real Live Gangster”, it has been internet certified and even bootleged. June 2008, sees Ghetto Man Beats releasing “Beats From The ’90s. A collection of beats collected off DAT tapes. Later in the fall, fans should perpare for the Real Live Gangster Instrumental album.