Iz has a deep Hip Hop history going back to rap cyphers on the street corners of the late 90’s. He has been a recording artist and performance artist since 2005. He was a member of various groups and projects, but released his first solo album in 2010 titled “Word Iz…” that garnered him a fair amount of notoriety worldwide among underground Hip Hop hop fans.

After years of experimenting and refining his craft he re-emerged in 2016 as “BKA Iz” with a new self titled album release, quickly followed by the “Groundwire EP” and “Blazing Terrain” in early 2017. His music is true to his roots; a vintage 90’s boom bap feel that meshes with modern Lo-Fi and Chillhop influence. He is described by his peers as a witty lyricist with heavy punchlines and is known for his eclectic beat slection.

Iz also has several other releases planned in 2017 – including his first beat tape and works behind the scenes on various projects for notable artists.


Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bkaiz
IG: @bkaiz
Twitter: @thewordiz