Music · July 10, 2017


For the lofi vibe with that jazzy influence we had to check out Melocat’s beats and samples and we feel his tracks standup in their own right worthy of Inspector Morse investigation.

melocat – 28 years old, born and raised in the UK. First got into making hip hop as a teenager listening to Gangster Rap. Later discovered underground UK Hip Hop and then the beat makers themselves. Fell in love with instrumentals, Hip hop’s Jazz roots and what the genres represented. After coming across the sub-genre ‘LoFi – Hiphop’ he quickly realised the potential for expressing experiences and feelings that had not been available to him before. Becoming a parent and settling down played a major part in his life… and his music. Nowadays you’ll find him sitting down on a Friday evening with a cup of tea, listening to chilled beats. His influences include all the Hip hop and Jazz music that has made an everlasting impact on his life and all the beat makers doing their thing.