Nomak ( ノ ー マ ー ク , Nomaku ? ) Or DJ Nomak 1 is a Japanese Hip-Hop artist and producer.

He began his career in 2005 by releasing the album Combine but it was in 2006 with the albums Wonderin ‘View and Fantastic View that he made himself known. In the same line as artists like Nujabes  , his pieces are marked by a certain melancholy due to the preponderance of instruments such as flute, violin, saxophone  or traditional Japanese musical instruments  .

Nomak makes a lot of instrumental pieces, but does not hesitate to bring a few artists to accompany him in voice on some of his tracks, Pismo , Aaron Phiri, Paulie Rhyme , or else Abstract Rude make some appearances on his albums.


  • Combine (2005)
  • Calm (2007)
  • Muziq and Foto (2009)
  • Dynamic Meditation Instrumental Limited (2010)


  • Wonderin View (2006)
  • Fantastic View (2006)
  • Eternal View (2007)
  • Viewmatic (2009)