chillcast / podcast / Video · December 21, 2007

Sigur Ros – Glósóli – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

Glósóli” [?glou:?soul?] (Icelandic for “Glowing sole”) is a song by Sigur Rós, released as part of their 2005 album Takk… Together with Sæglópur it was the first single released from the album, available as a download only release on iTunes in America and Europe respectively.

The name is a combination of gló- from the verb að glóa meaning “to glow, shine, glitter” and sóli meaning “sole.” The second element of the name, sóli, is homonymous with a declension of the word for “sun”, sól. However, sól, being a feminine noun, only appears as sóli in certain grammatical cases. In this instance, being the title of a song and declined for the nominative case, the form reveals it to be the masculine noun sóli.

The music video for “Glósóli” showed children dressed in old fashioned Icelandic clothing, migrating towards an unknown destination somewhere in Iceland. The leader, a boy with a drum, directs the group through a land characterized by open fields and rocky hills, all the while picking up more and more children. The group then fall asleep and we enter their dream state, signified by a change in hue. The song culminates at the end when the children reach a large hill and the leader starts beating his drum rapidly. When the song climaxes, the children start to run full speed up the hill. It is then shown that the hill is in fact a cliff, ending at the ocean. When the children reach the edge, they jump off and swim through the air. The video features a characteristic ambiguous ending, when the last and youngest child is shown jumping off the cliff in a cannon-ball style. The cinematographer has stated that to him the child definitely flies along with the rest, but ambiguity was the intention. The child naturally chose the cannon-ball style after a reluctance to jump whilst filming.[1]

The video was directed by Arni & Kinski. Swedish director Ted Karlsson also directed a few parts and shot the movie. It is shot on a Arri S35 with lens from Panavision.

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