Every once in a while while browsing instagram I come across someone who is livestreaming. Often than not its some goofy ass or some repetitive chopped up beat heard a thousand times. Then one dark covid19 quarantined night I came across SIM. This guy was just chilling out playing his beats on the roland without a care in the world. He looked lost in the moment happy to share his beats and vision online.

I reached out and SIM was happy to share.

I present SIM.

S I M has an album in the works titled A L O N E which should be released this summer.
After dropping a song titled _S W E E T .S O U |, which has now reached over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, he worked on a few singles and released with many labels including: Inner Ocean, Cheeba Cheeba, Dust Collectors & Effortless Audio to name a few.
Also producing two tracks for Chris Orrick on his project “Out to Sea” released through Mello Music Group towards the end of last year.
The latest project he released in collaboration with his good friend MFakka ( titled Midnight Manifesto is not one to miss.