This week’s top three reasons to chill! – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky


1. There’s a presidential election going on, we know. There is much flag waving and high-fiving, understandably! But, here’s the thing, we know the result already! So, come on America, inaugurate the lady and then chill.

2. Then, if that’s not enough, David Cameron has decided that it’s high time that we decide whether we want to live in the 21st Century or go back to the 1970’s with half of his cabinet! Dave, I’m fed up with the debate already, it’s time to chill.

3. Granted, the third reason isn’t going to resonate with the populous, but somebody has to look out for the little man on the street. So, as much as you enjoy the company of Ecuadorian diplomats, and going out on the town isn’t really an option, it must be time to chill.

Now, assuming you’re still with me, you’re going to need a recommendation or two. Not surprisingly, the first is from Chillsky: take it from me, they don’t come any better than #63, a cool cool mix of chillout tracks and the best mention of cashew nuts on a podcast ever! The second is a mix from Therapist called Rebirth of the Quantum Dragonfly. Enjoy!

“It’s been emotional”