Who’s John Ketley – lofi- hiphop beats and downtempo music // chillsky

In 1995, the Yorkshire Evening Post held a poll to find Britain’s favourite Yorkshireman. Not surprisingly, at number one was a true national treasure who likes to travel a bit. Then, at number two, was somebody with a penchant for gardening. Now, if that poll was to be repeated today, Messrs. Palin and Titchmarsh would still be quite secure, I think. But, what of 19th position you ask. Well, I’d like to think in 2016 Chillsky would give 90’s weatherman John Ketley a run for his money!! Sadly, we may never know!!

So, this week, keeping with the weather as a theme, please please take a listen to Chillsky #66. It’s February 2014, it’s windy and rainy in England, and it’s chillout at its absolute best!! Enjoy!

Now, one more recommendation, from Wunderblock on Soundcloud.


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