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Its summer time and chillsky numero 8 brings you a collective chillout remedy to the long summer days. enjoy

The Drake LPDrake

“Concrete Remixed” (mp3)

from “The Drake LP”

(Dope Lotus Records)

And How!Weather Pending

“Midlands” (mp3)

from “And How!”

(reapandsow, Inc.)

We BelieveWest Indian Girl

“Beach” (mp3)

from “We Believe”

(Origami Music)

AfterquakeAbigail Washburn & The Shanghai Restoration Project

“Sala” (mp3)

from “Afterquake”

(Undercover Culture Music)

Other LifeMorgan Doctor

“This Day Is Gone” (mp3)

from “Other Life”

(Aporia Records)

Journey Through an Electric GardenLemonchill

“En Larmes” (mp3)

from “Journey Through an Electric Garden”

(Cyberset Music)