Techno Nights Ambient Dawn

Techno Nights: Ambient Dawn” is a notable music compilation from the 1990s that showcases a diverse array of electronic music, blending elements of techno and ambient genres. Released in the United Kingdom on September 8, 1995, by EMI Records (CDEMTV 97), this compilation consists of two CDs with a total length of 2
hours, 37 minutes, and 37 seconds. It is officially categorized as an album, compilation, and DJ-mix, and features tracks in English​.

The first CD, titled “Techno Nights,” includes tracks from influential artists and groups like The Shamen, The Chemical Brothers, Dave Clarke, and Plastikman. Noteworthy tracks on this CD include “Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor vocal mix)” by The Shamen, “Leave Home” by The Chemical Brothers, and “Go (Rainforest mix)” by Moby, among others​.

The second CD, “Ambient Dawn,” features a more relaxed, ambient sound with contributions from artists such as Orbital, Enigma, William Orbit, and Aphex Twin. Standout tracks on this CD include “Lush” by Orbital, “Age of Loneliness (Carly’s Song)” by Enigma, and “The Sun Rising” by The Beloved​

An interesting note about this compilation is that one of the tracks, “Go (Rainforest mix)” by Moby, was incorrectly listed on the rear inlay as “Woodtick mix”​

This compilation serves as a significant representation of the electronic music scene in the 1990s, showcasing the versatility and creativity of the artists involved.